Risky Ride

Look at the two wheeler on which the lady is sitting

I was driving and came upon this when the traffic was stalled for some reason. Do have a look at the two wheeler on which the lady is sitting. The quality of photograph is not the best, but that is what I could manage sitting on the driver’s seat and through the windscreen. You can clearly see the mother at the back, the child standing! in between the driver and the mother.

We all love our children and try to fulfill each and every demand of theirs with nary a thought as to the consequences of our risky actions. Needless to say it is extremely dangerous for children to ride on two wheelers, since it is impossible to secure them and the degree of risk when they are standing is unimaginable. The slightest of a skid, stumble or sudden braking will definitely cause the child to fall on to the road with disastrous consequences. The mother feels that by holding on to her child, she can prevent this but the force in case of even a minor accident are too strong and then it would be labelled as an ‘accident’. It certainly is no accident and downright negligence and carelessness. It is even illegal in most countries for children to ride on two wheelers.

I have seen many parents ferrying their young children to school with the child on the backseat sitting facing the back and clutching the handle of the seat. The most charitable thing I can say is that the parents are unaware of the risks they are exposing their child too. Ask them whether they will allow their child to sit on the ledge of a balcony on the third storey of a building or higher and they will vehemently say no and look at you as if you have committed a crime by even asking them that! But essentially this is exactly what they are doing when allowing a child to ride on a two wheeler.

I can hear people giving an excuse of that everybody cannot afford a four wheel drive and while that is true, I can confidently say that NO ONE   can afford an accident in which their precious child is involved!