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by Yogesh Agarkar on Nathani Clinic
Dental workshop

Great workshop regarding dental care......I recommend every parent to attend the same.Best part focus is on prevention of dental problem.

Thank you very much for your recommendation. This has been our biggest aim, prevention of disease - so much better and easier to prevent, rather than treat!

by Vishal Chugh on Nathani Clinic
My Son's Circumcision Surgery

I am extremely greatful to you Dr. Nathani for having taken us through the Circumcision surgery process so well planned and executed to perfection with all notifications and detailing that in a matter of 2 Days post surgery, we felt so comfortable as if nothing had happened. The best part was the dosage of information which came in apt packages creating no anxiety or disturbance in any of the parents mind. Thanks again for a great show !!!

Thank you very much for the appreciation. We do our best to try to get into the parents' shoes and try to give same service that we would expect.

by Arku Jyotish parents of Nysa Dadbhawala 7 months on Nathani Clinic
Thanks for the weaning workshop

Hello Dr. Neeta,First of all a big thank you for helping me by advising just the perfect medicine for my baby's constipation. She is relieved n having a wonderful sleep after a long long painful phase. Never seen such an approachable person in my life. You n Dr. Rajesh plays an extremely important role in our life. Yesterday we attended a weaning session at your clinic which gave us a whole new picture for nutritive n easy way to raise a our child. As a new mother I was always apprehensive if I will be able to do all correct things for my lo. Just cant express my gratitude by words. As far as there are doctors like you and Dr Rajesh I don't think there is any reason to worry for any parents. ?

Thanks very much for your kind words. It is our passion and motto that prevention is much, much better than cure. It is to this end, that we conduct these workshops and we feel fulfilled that attendees like you find it useful.

by Hamsini Ravi on Nathani Clinic
Excellent workshops

I have to hand it to dr Nathani for being extremely contemporary in her approach and facilitating workshops on working without weaning and infant feeding. As a working mother, it's been immensely useful. Thanks for the richly researched information and for the clarity of delivery. A small suggestion: would be great if you could talk of the pros and cons of 'new' methods like baby-led weaning. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your kind review! We have implemented your suggestion on baby led weaning and have incorporated it in our presentation for the next workshop. We shall also be mailing the info to the people who have already attended.

by Rajagopals on Nathani Clinic
Excellent Children's Clinic

Our first visit to Dr. Neeta’s well appointed clinic... A very pleasant experience with Dr. Neeta & Rajesh Nathani, reg: ear-piercing of our 4 month old grand-daughter. A Doctor couple, well-versed in their respective professions, with exceptional skills in handling babies, leaving nothing to chance. Nice to see how caring & friendly Dr. Neeta & Dr. Rajesh are with the children and their parents. Their amiable nature, wise counseling, prompt response and crystal-clear pre & post-procedural care & guidance were found to be of great quality & value. Various sections of their website deals with most of the common, and some uncommon, issues relating to infants & children, and also addresses worries of parents looking for reliable answers to their baby-related queries. In short, they are exactly what we would like children's doctors to be.We wish them all the best.= Rajagopals

by Kirit Sachdev on Nathani Clinic
Thank you for Robust Support

We consulted Dr. Rajesh Nathani for birth defect of un-descended testis for my Son. Surgery was suggested for him, after initial discussion we as parents were taken back and afraid, however on further guidance from Dr. Nathani and after referring to instructions on suggested website we understood the do's and dont's before and after surgery. This was relieving and helped us to take proper care of our child.We are thankful to Dr. Nathani for his Guidance and Support. We are happy that we made right decision to reach out to best Surgeon for treating our Son.Please keep up the Good Work!!Thank you once again for robust support.

Thank you for your kind comments. We understand that it is very stressful and traumatic to parents faced with the recommendation for surgery and we do our best to try and help you take the right decision. Your child's well being is foremost.

by Raviraj on Nathani Clinic
Best doctor you can have

Hi,We have been visiting 'Dr. Neeta Nathani' for all types of advices (fever, cough, skin rashes, vaccines etc) for our son. We are very satisfied with the service & advice we get here. We get very practical & useful tips on maintaining health of our child which is really useful for new parents like us. We also have a age wise group on whatsapp, where we (Parents & doctor) can share common knowledge & some learnings etc which is quite unique.Booking an appointment is also very convenient & prompt. We get confirmation / reminder as an email & SMS which is kind of useful.Doctor also helped one my teenage cousin sister to help her with her problems which is beyond appreciation.Its really hard to find such great doctors like her. We are really thankful to her for all the help she has provided to us.Please keep up the great humanitarian work. Its much needed in today's world.

Thank you very much for the kind words. Actually, it is this appreciation that keep doctors going much more than anything else. Please feel free to suggest how we can improve our services even more.