Welcome to Nathani Clinic!

This site is primarily meant as a definitive source of information for patients visiting The Nathani Clinic at Chembur, a suburb of Mumbai, India. Caregivers visiting their pediatrician are understandably tense and anxious about their [...]

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Should talcum powder be used in babies?

Excess use of talcum powder is dangerous Can I use talcum powder inside my child's diaper? We regularly see children who are in diapers and who have liberal amounts of talcum powder dusted [...]

August 30th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Hygiene, Infant, Skin|

Going abroad for MS? – Meningococcal Vaccine

Going abroad for higher studies? Are you overwhelmed by the things that you need to tick off your checklist? All Universities abroad insist that you be fully immunized against a whole lot of basic infectious diseases, for your own safety and for that of the others. Meningococcal vaccine is one of the important vaccines that you need to take especially as student, since you will be sharing housing on campus or off campus. […]

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Heat Boils

Boils on the face Come summer in India and we all eagerly look forward to wolfing down mangoes. There are almost endless varieties available and thanks to different fruiting times, the season extends from early March well into July. But along with Nature’s bounty come up ‘Heat Boils’!! To the sufferers, especially children, they are extremely frustrating and mostly a nuisance, but they do have a potential to become more serious. […]

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Chairing a session on Vitamin D

Chairing a session on Vitamin D at the Pediatric Endocrinology Update on 26 Feb 2017 This was a very well attended update (150+ delegates) in Pediatric Endocrinology on February 26, 2017. The who's [...]

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Help! My child has swallowed a button battery!

Recently, an 8-year-old boy (our regular patient) was rushed to our clinic. Apparently, the computer mechanic had come into the house to repair the computer. During the course, the child chanced upon the battery, put in the mouth. He was most surprised and scared, when he realized that he had swallowed it. In a panic, the first thing that he did was to drink a lot of water, and informed his parents about a couple of hours later. […]

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Help! My child eats chalk & paint! Is it pica?

What is pica? Children may eat chalk or other non-nutritive items Pica is the persistent (at least a month) eating of non-nutritive substances (plaster, mud, charcoal, ashes, paint, wool), in a child beyond the age of 3 years. It usually gets better on its own in childhood, but rarely persists into adulthood. […]

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